The Creator Collaborative

Cave Creek, AZ

April 2025


Sedona - Paradise Valley - Sundance - Cave Creek


About The Retreat






Experiences are fun activities that will create memories while cementing the impact of the takeaways from the retreat. We wouldn't really think of it as a RETREAT if we didn't have some fun!


Mastermind is part of our entire connection process, where we bring together the power and brilliance of many people to lift and improve your life!

Expert Lessons

Special VIP guests bring together an invaluable wealth of information and deep knowledge organized in a way that you can apply to your life right here at the event.

Cave Creek, Arizona

October 2024

Improve Your Life

Follow the proprietary method to take a look and expand your life with the scientifically backed methods used by Preston Weekes in the trainings used at The Retreat


Measure where you are and Improve

Deep Connection





The Event

These events are bespoke events that are curated for the actual attendees. All attendees are interviewed before the event.

Beautiful Destination

All inclusive experiences designed and created by Preston Weekes at the most incredible places in the world.

Deep Connections

Be with intentional people who are there to connect on a level that is far beyond the normal realms of societal connection.

Transformational Lessons

There are curated lessons that are designed to lead you through a process of personal understanding to overcome what is holding you back.

Incredible Experiences

Adventures and activities designed to feature the area, have fun, and create lifelong memories that will carry your transformation through your life.

What Is Included?

In a full price ticket for this event it includes accommodation at or near the event along with 7 main meals, light snacks, and non alcoholic beverages.

Your Room

Rooms are appointed based on order of registration. If you are in a shared room, you will be paired with a person who is matched to your gender and personality.

Your Food

We provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday and Sunday of the event, along with a connection breakfast on Monday.

Your Experiences

You get full access to all lessons, experiences, and activities, including pictures with guest speakers and more.

What's NOT Included?

You are responsible for your travel accommodations, special food needs, and any extras you will want through this trip.

Your Flight

You need to get here on your own. We do not budget for flight accommodations on our ticket. We currently have access to a private plane, and special VIP accommodations could be arranged with direct private airport-to-private airport flights. This would be as a bid service.

Your Transportation

You need to get a ride. We recommend getting a cheap rental car. Turo has fun options in the Phoenix area. Sedona is most likely too far to take a cab or taxi. There may be some carpool and shuttle options if coordinated with the event staff.


That's it. We are holding your place, and if you can't make it, we can't promise we can do anything about that. We plan these events bespoke for you and have thousands of hours to prepare for your attendance.

Improve Your Life

We all need to take time to look at the things we can't see on our own. As humans, our perspective is limited. That doesn't mean we are wrong or imperfect. You literally can't see everything, and we are experts at helping you look.

Supportive Mastermind

Intimate Expert Lessons

Incredible Experiences

You Deserve This

9 of 10 attendees of The Retreat plan to return again. Come see why.

Get Expert Help

Meet Incredible People

Visit Destinations


Beautiful Lodging

Adventurous Experiences

Amazing Food

Lifelong Memories

Learn directly from the best in the world

Be with like-minded people who care

Travel to one of the most beautiful places in the world

Discover the brainpower of one-to-many

Stay at incredible Private Estates

Participate in the incredible adventures planned

Experience top chefs and restaurants.

Do something you will remember forever

Make bonds that last a lifetime


Brandon Barnum

"Preston puts on incredible events that blow me away every time!" - Brandon

Emmeline Saavedra

"Preston is absolutely brilliant. Anything he does is just magic and he truly transforms lives. There are not many people like this in the world. I love him like a son." -Emmeline

Tony Rodrigues

"I have worked with Tony Robbins for the past 7 years and I can say that Preston knows how to put on a real high class, life changing event" -Tony.

Your Life's Choices

You are here because inside you really want to come. Join us. You wont regret it.

Life is waiting for you.

Network With

Incredible People

Your net worth is your network. Come be with people that prioritize improvement.

Learn from Experts

We bring the best minds in the world to our evetns

Grow Personally

Our bodys are in constant change. Is yours improving or atrophying?

Get Inspiration

We hit plateaus in life unless we change. What is your next level?

Event Schedule Overview

*Experiences are optional and may require a certain level of physical ability.


8-9 am am Kickoff, Check-In, Light Breakfast

9 a.m.–noon Welcome Event

12-1:30 Lunch

1:30 - 5:30 Lessons

5:30 - 7:00 Dinner

Day Closing Ceremony Ends at 8:00


6:30 am Special Meditation

8-9 am am Kickoff, Check-In, Light Breakfast

9-12 - Mastermind

12-1:30 Experience top chefs and restaurants.

1:30–5:30 Lessons

5:30 - 7:00 Dinner

Do You Have Queries? Please Go Through 'Frequently Asked Questions' First

When is The Retreat?

The Retreat officially kicks off 8 am Saturday, but the house is open Friday after 5:00pm for guest sleeping at the house. Friday participation is optional and nothing will be formally held. It is meant for travelers to arrive and get settled. We run from 8am -8pm Saturday and Sunday and 8am-10:30 am Monday.

What is included in my ticket?

The base ticket includes, all activities, all experiences, expert lessons, and non alcoholic drinks and light snacks throughout the day.

Are there refunds if I miss the event?

No. Once your ticket is booked, you are taking up someone's space in the event, and we cannot change that. We do work with people to get them into a future event so they can attend an experience. A rebooking fee may be required, depending on the event and location.

What room will I get?

Rooms are assigned on a first come first serve basis and we do our best to pair similar people in shared rooms. We do not mix genders in shared rooms unless you are with that party and request it.

Are there accommodations for food or activities if I can't participate?

We do our best to accommodate any special food requirements. Please let the staff know at the time of booking. All experiences are optional because there are occasional physical requirements. There are no refunds or substitutions due to the inability to participate.

Can I get autographs and pictures with the celebrities and teachers?

Yes! Not only can you, but you will also have the opportunity to build a real relationship with these people and connect on a level you have never had before.

Office: Scottsdale AZ

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